Star Dance History

Instructors at Star Dance Studio

Micky Powell

Micky Powell grew up in the wonderful world of dance with her mother, Ruth Jevarian, who was a professional dancer and the founder of Star Dance Studio. After Ruth retired in 1972, Micky took over the school, and since then, has been the director of Star Dance, dedicating her life to providing quality dance education to literally thousands of students. She has taught all levels of tap, jazz, and ballet, and has used her many years of experience to develop the specialized dance programs for children which are in use now, at Star Dance.

Today, most of her time is spent on administrative duties, which she enjoys, but she still takes time to teach a weekly class which is what she loves most. She is an active member of Dance Masters of America, an organization dedicated to raising the standards of dance education in America.

Julie Craig

Julie Craig is a talented dancer, teacher and choreographer. She is Ruth Jevarian's granddaughter and Micky Powell's daughter and has been teaching at Star Dance Studio for over 25 years. Julie specializes in jazz, tap, funk, lyrical, ballet and acrobatics for children ages 3 to 18.

Julie loves working with children and teens and is particularly adept at helping them to develop their talents in a challenging yet fun, warm and loving environment. Her advanced classes have performed on TV and in many dance videos and many of her students have gone on to enjoy professional dance careers as performers and instructors. In addition to a full-time marketing career and part-time dance career, Julie is a photographer and specializes in dance photography.

Sonly Sarria Gonzalez

We are happy and proud to have Sonly’s authentic Cuban style of dance at Star Dance Studio! In Cuba, Sonly was a professional dancer with the Adolfo Guzman Company, one of the largest and most popular dance companies in Havana. In America, she’s performed with celebrities such as John Leguizamo, Susana Arenas, and others.

With Star Dance Studio since 2000, Sonly is a much-loved teacher. She combines the necessary discipline of dance with her natural warmth and care for each of her students. Her great passion and energy for dance is easy to see. Besides teaching Cuban Salsa, Sonly is one of our most popular teachers for our Children’s Ballet and Tap combination classes.

She is also director of her own dance company, It’Sonly Dance, and leads a group of dancers available for all styles of Cuban dancing at parties, festivals, and corporate events.


Tim Welsh

Tim’s been teaching at Star Dance Studio for over 10 years. His students enjoy his good-natured manner and sense of humor. Tap dancing since the age of three, he is an expert in his field.

Outstanding teachers he’s studied with are Benny Smith, Anne Garvin, Glenn Shipley, Dean Barlow, Courtland Jones, Pattie Columbo, Louis daPron, Roland duPree and Berle Davis.

Tim’s dance career has included professional performances, consultant for dance pageants, guest teaching at dance seminars, choreography for musicals and dance competitions, and operating his own school. He’s currently working on a book about his favorite subject - tap!

Monique Phillips

Born and raised in San Francisco, Monique attended Katherine Delmar Burke School for girls, and then went on to the Urban High School of San Francisco. She attended Star Dance Studio from age 5 until she graduated high school in 1996.

Monique graduated from University of San Francisco with a B.A. in Political Science/Legal Studies in 2001. During college she was a backstage supervisor at the Star Dance recitals. Shortly after graduation she began teaching Kindergarten at Brandeis Hillel Day School in the city. In the afternoons she came back to Star Dance to teach children's classes. She was thrilled to start dancing again, and to combine her love for education and children with her passion for dance.

Today, Monique teaches various levels of children's tap, jazz and ballet classes, as well as adult tap classes. She is also a teacher mentor for current students who show great interest, commitment and potential to become future Star Dance Teachers.  When not busy dancing, teaching, and mentoring, Monique spends time with her family, her dog, guinea pig and 4 parrots! She’s also involved in wildlife rehabilitation and is a certified wildlife rehabilitator.

She is thrilled and proud to be a part of the amazing Star Dance family and plans on dancing and teaching for many years to come!

Tami Tang

Tami Tang, a native San Franciscan, began performing when she was 3 years old for friends and family. Her mother enrolled her in ballet school at the age of 10. Her early years of ballet technique helped her develop a strong foundation in dance and facilitated entrance to the School of the Arts High School, where she expanded her dance repertoire to include modern, jazz, Afro-Haitian, hip hop, breaking, salsa, samba and more.

During this time, she was introduced to Star Dance Studio and discovered that not only did she love performing, she loved teaching! She went on to earn a B.A. degree in Theater Arts and Dance from UC Santa Cruz and soon after began her teaching career.

Tami loves being a part of the Star Dance family and continues her passion for performing -- as a freelance dancer, choreographer, actress, model, DJ, and designer, performing with touring companies such as Avatar Flux Dance Company, Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company and the Magic of Chin-Chin across the globe. She lives to learn and share all that she knows about dance with her wonderful students and assist them in developing a healthy sense of self esteem.

Allison Lee

Allison Lee, a Star Dance Studio graduate, began studying dance at the age of 4. After intensive training and internship in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical and hip hop, she began teaching at the age of 16. Allison also choreographed and performed in the GWHS Dance Company’s performances from 2010 to 2012 and served as team captain. She was awarded for her achievements in dance, technique, performance quality and professionalism. Allison is an outstanding dancer who loves to teach and help her students become the best dancers they set out to be. She strives to motivate her students to feel and share the happiness she receives when she dances. 

Allison is currently attending college at the University of San Francisco with a business and education major along with a double minor in Dance and Chinese, and we are delighted to have her as part of the teaching staff at Star Dance.