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  Annual Registration Fees for All Students • 2018 - 2019

Annual Registration Fee:  $59 for the 1st class, plus $15 for each additional class.
Sibling Registration Fee:  $39 for the 1st class, plus $15 for each additional class.
Registration fees are non-refundable and apply to each class.

Tuition is due before or at the 1st class. Multiple class rates are per student, not per family.
A $25 administrative fee applies to each withdrawal or change of class.

Twinkles and Star Tots may have semester options. For all others, enrollment represents a full commitment and tuition obligation from the date of the first class, through June. If a written withdrawal request is delivered to our office within 30 days after the first class, a partial tuition refund may be available unless the withdrawal causes the class to fall below minimum enrollment. In that case, no refund can be given and the tuition payment obligation will remain.


Pay Online:  
  To Register Online, the Registration Fees must accompany this form. Please pay the registration fee first, then return to this page to complete the form. Please complete all fields. Submissions with missing information and/or registration fees will not be accepted. To register by mail and make payment with check or cash, please download the registration form.
First Class Registration Fee: $59
  Sibling Registration Fee: $39
  Additional Class Registration Fee: $15 per class
(for more than one additional class, use the QTY field in PayPal)
  Once you have proceeded to PayPal check out, please click on "Special Instructions to Merchant". This will open a text box where you should enter the student name/s, the class name and your name and phone number. Thanks!

  Star Dance Studio Registration and Release Form • 2018 - 2019  
  Dancer's Name Age Birth Date  
  Address City Zip  
  School Grade  
  Dancer's Email  
  Please select classes your student is interested in participating in. You can select, or deselect, multiple classes by holding down the alt key on a PC. For Mac users, hold down the apple/command key while selecting.
Please note that the schedule is subject to change based on enrolment numbers.
  Classes below are for Ages 3 to 12: One class weekly required
  When completing form please format phone numbers as follows: 111-111-1111 Thanks!  
  Parent/Guardian 1     Email  
  Home Phone        Work Phone       Cell  
  Parent/Guardian 2     Emal  
  Home Phone       Work Phone        Cell  
  Nanny's Name
(if applicable)
    Nanny's Email  
  Cell Phone  
  In case a parent can't be reached in an emergency please provide us with two alternate contacts:  
  Alternate Contact Name     
  Are there any health/medical issues, learning disabilities, particular needs, allergies we should know about? If yes, please check this box and explain below.  
  If new to Star Dance Studio, how did you hear about us?  

Injury Release:
Participation in any physical activity involves risk of accidental injury despite any and all safety precautions. Understanding the activities to be conducted at or by Star Dance Studio, I/we, as an individual or as a parent or guardian of the participants named herein, assume all risks and hazards incidental to the activities, and release from responsibility and all liability, claims, costs, damages including attorneys fees and costs, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless to Star Dance Studio, its owners, directors, instructors, independent contractors, land owners, volunteers, and all employees from any loss or damage of property, any illness, injury or damage to me or my child(ren) or family members occurring during my/his/her/our participation in any activities conducted by Star Dance Studio.

Photos/Video Waiver
I understand and give permission for images of my child taken by Star Dance Studio’s owners, staff or agents, via video or photography during activities conducted by/with Star Dance Studio, to be used solely for the purpose of Star Dance Studio’s promotional material, including annual recital DVD, publications and websites, and waive any rights to compensation or ownership thereto.

Studio Policy
Please read Star Dance Studio's School Policy. Click here for a pdf.

By submitting this registration form, I agree to the release and waivers above, and that I have read and understand the Star Dance Studio Policy.

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Is everything complete?Incomplete forms will not be considered.

After clicking Submit, please return to this page to pay the Registration Fee if you�ve not already done so. The registration fee must accompany the form. Thanks!