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About Star Dance Studio

“Our dancers learn the joy of movement, teamwork, achievement and discipline in a supportive, loving environment.” – Micky Powell, Director

Ruth Jevarian, a professional ballet and Armenian folk dancer, opened Star Dance Studio in 1950. The studio was located briefly in the Haight Ashbury district before it was moved to the Inner Sunset.

Ruth’s students loved her — she was talented, creative and taught all forms of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics plus Armenian and other types of folk dancing. Her students performed around the city at special events, hospitals and senior centers, sharing the joy of dance with their audiences. She retired in 1974 and turned the studio over to her daughter, Micky Powell, the current school director.

Micky has managed the studio for the past 40+ years, and the school has flourished. Ruth’s granddaughter, Julie Craig, loves dancing and teaches at the studio.

For 70 years, Star Dance Studio has brought joy to thousands of children and adults. The lovely studio at 300 Moraga Street is dedicated to the memory of Ruth Jevarian.

Ruth Jevarian

Meet our awesome Instructors

  • Micky Powell 

    Micky Powell 

    Micky is the studio director and has dedicated her life to providing quality dance education to 1,000s of students. She has taught all levels of tap, jazz and ballet and developed the specialized dance programs for children currently in use at Star Dance. She is also an active member of Dance Masters of America.

  • Julie Craig
    Julie Craig

    Julie earned a B.A in Dance and is Ruth’s granddaughter and Micky’s daughter. She is a lifelong dancer and loves working with her students. She helps them develop their talents in a challenging yet fun, warm and loving environment. Her students have performed globally, on TV and Broadway.

  • Tami C-oNe Tang
    Tami C-oNe Tang

    Tami graduated from the San Francisco School of the Arts, holds a B.A. in Theater Arts & Dance and specializes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theater and hip-hop. Tami has performed with many hip hop and contemporary dance companies, including the Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company.

  • Monique Pflager
    Monique Pflager

    Monique has danced and performed at Star Dance since the age of 5. A certified member teacher of Dance Masters of America, she teaches children’s and adult classes, including ballet, jazz and tap and mentors teens who show interest in teaching.

  • Tim Welsh
    Tim Welsh

    Tim is a tap teacher and has been dancing since the age of three. He’s studied with Benny Smith, Anne Garvin, Glenn Shipley, Roland duPree and others. Tim has performed professionally, taught at dance seminars & choreographed musicals.

  • Allison Lee

    Allison Lee

    Allison has a B.A. degree with a minor in dance. She grew up at Star Dance and began teaching at the age of 16. Allison is a talented dancer and has choreographed and performed at GWHS and USF. She loves to teach and motivate students to do their best.

  • Katlin Zimmer
    Katlin Zimmer

    Katlin danced at CSU Long Beach and  professionally. An award-winning choreographer, certified by Dance Masters of America in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern, she has taught dance for a charter school, junior college, and a competitive dance company.

  • Dominique Hobbs
    Dominique Hobbs

    Dominque Hobbs grew up dancing at Star Dance. She trained in all styles of dance, and was an assistant teacher. She works in the finance industry and speaks to motivate young adults to enroll in higher education. She is very excited to teach this year.

  • Train Schickele
    Train Schickele

    Train Schickele started dancing at the young age of 5 at Star Dance. He studied tap and jazz techniques throughout his time as a student. Now, he is an accomplished dancer, actor and musician, performing on stages around the world.


  • "Star Dance is AMAZING! I graduated from here in 2015, after 14 or so years of dancing! I am so happy with the dancer I've become, and we truly are one big family."

    Jillian W. (Student)
  • "Star Dance is a warm, welcoming, neighborhood dance school that I am happy my daughter is a part of."

    Lisa G. (Parent)
  • "My daughter has attended Star Dance Studio since she was a little girl.  She has learned so much … the grace of dance, discipline, responsibility, and I know this sounds corny, but sisterhood."

    Pat D. (Parent)
  • "Star Dance Studio is what helped my dreams come true. I spent 16 years there, and every time I went to class, I was welcomed with open arms and love."

    Lauren A. (Student)

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