Tuition & Payment Options
Weekly Classes per Student (not per family)
Single Payment 2 Payments **
Payment due dates —->
Sep – Jun in full by Sep 15 Sep 15 & Jan 15
1 class $1,081 $562
2 classes $1,904 $973
ADD for extended 1.5 hr. ballet class *
$497 $259
3 classes $2,810 $1,376
4 classes $3,376 $1,709
5 classes $3,981 $2,011
6 classes $4,520 $2,279
7 classes $4,824 $2,433
8 classes $5,047 $2,544
9 classes $5,176 $2,609
Boys B-boying (Oct/Nov) $198 NA

Tuition applies to the Sep 2023 – Jun 2024 dance season. All fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

For the adult classes, see the adult schedule page.

Registration is required for enrollment. Please complete registration before paying tuition to secure your child’s place in class. (Any class marked FULL is not available for registration. Please check the Class Schedule to be sure.)

Tuition rates do not include registration fees.

Tuition rates are per student, not combined family.

* If you’re signing up for a 90-minute class, first add your class(es) to your cart, then go back to the Payments page and under Number of Classes, select the drop-down choice for 90-minute class add-on fee for each class that has a half hour extension. e.g.: Tuition for 2 classes is $973 – if one of them is a 90-minute class, your payment is $973 + $259.

** Please make your first tuition payment along with registration. Select either single payment to pay the full tuition (before Sep 15), or 2 payments. If you select 2 payments, you’ll receive an emailed reminder when the 2nd payment is due. If payment is late, and it’s necessary to invoice you, a service fee of $35 per invoice applies.

Classes begin Sep 9, 2023. See you soon!

Contact us with any questions!

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